Liquid Nitrogen pipe freezing is applicable to a variety of situations in which it would be costly or time - consuming to have to drain the contents of the pipe in order to carry out maintenance or repairs. Examples include:

  1. changing or installing valves
  2. inserting new side branches in a pipe
  3. pipework modification
  4. radiator removal
  5. testing for leakage by isolating different sections of a pipeline then pressure testing
  6. isolation of one section of a fire-protection system without having to shut-down the whole system
  7. providing secondary protection on critical water pipes within the nuclear and offshore industry

CCT Pipefreezing Ltd have designed and manufactured pipe freezing jackets to enable the above work to be completed safely and on time.

CCT pipe freezing jackets come in two designs, single skin quick release aluminium clamps, for pipe diameters from 15mm (1/2") up to 80mm (3"). The design takes into consideration the pipework clip distance, this enables CCT to be able to fit the clamps in very tight situations and close to ceiling voids.

The second design is for pipe freezing jackets 100mm (4") right up to 600mm (24"), these jackets are double skinned aluminium and bolted on to the pipe. They have bsp threaded outlet connections to enable the nitrogen gas to be removed under a controlled procedure. They also have 1/2" bsp valved connections in order to pump the nitrogen direct into the jacket via 1/2" insulated cryogenic stainless steel housing.

CCT have allowed in their pipe freezing jacket design, the ability to use insulated cryogenic hosing with both designs.