Under Pressure Drilling in London

Pipefreezing and drilling is a specialist field, definitely not for the faint hearted, so when you’re in need of either service, it’s important that you choose a provider with an established reputation for quality and reliability. CCT Pipefreezing Ltd, founded in 1987, has been based in East London for over 30 years and serves the whole of London and the South East.

What Is Under Pressure Drilling in London?

Under pressure drilling is a process which involves boring holes in metal pipes while they’re still under pressure. It’s a method which is often chosen over welding, especially in situations which don’t lend themselves to orifice removal or re-welding. It’s most often a choice made by companies who require the maintenance or installation of extra piping while still keeping their production lines running without interruption.

Why Choose CCT Pipefreezing Ltd?

Since their beginning in 1987, CCT Pipefreezing Ltd has been a leader in the field of pipe freezing. They are dedicated to providing the highest standards of workmanship to their customers, with a service which is efficient and safe. The company uses the most up-to-date equipment to get the job done, and has experts on hand who are able to offer guidance and advice to clients. CCT Pipefreezing Ltd possesses a wealth of experience in the field of under pressure drilling, with the skill and confidence needed to get the job done right, in the quickest time possible.

How Can CCT Pipefreezing Ltd Help?

CCT Pipefreezing Ltd offers a wide range of services to their customers in London and the surrounding area, including under pressure drilling, pipe welding, orifice removal, and more. With over 30 years of experience, and expertise in what they do, CCT are more than capable of taking on any project at hand. They offer a fast and efficient service, with 24-hour availability, so you know that any emergency pipe freezing in London can be dealt with in the quickest time possible.

The Benefits of Using CCT Pipefreezing Ltd

When it comes to under pressure drilling in London, CCT Pipefreezing Ltd are the obvious experts to call. Their team are highly experienced and reliable, and their services span many areas, meaning that whatever service you need, CCT Pipefreezing Ltd have you covered. Some of the other benefits of using CCT Pipefreezing Ltd include:

  • Exceptional Quality of Work: CCT Pipefreezing Ltd strive for excellence with all of their projects, and will never cut corners to increase their efficiency. This means that you’ll always receive a quality result.
  • Reasonable Pricing: CCT Pipefreezing Ltd offer a competitive rate for their services, and you can be sure that you’re getting value for money.
  • Proven Track Record: With more than 30 years in the business, CCT Pipefreezing Ltd boast a long-established track record, and you can be sure that their years of experience will work in your favour.

When it comes to under pressure drilling in London, you can rely on the experts at CCT Pipefreezing Ltd. With their extensive knowledge and years of experience, you can be sure that your project will be in the best of hands. Contact them today to discuss your needs, and see what they can do for you.